Product of Los Angeles Launches Blackout, Releases Exclusive Collab with Cookies

Two men sit outside of a warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles.

Calling itself the only Mexican cannabis brand, Product of Los Angeles is well established in the California cannabis market thanks to its La Familia edibles and Agua de Flor infused beverages. With Blackout, the company is going for a different vibe: a younger, party-friendly crowd that’s looking for an alternative to alcohol. Launching in three lemonade flavors, Blurrberry, Lemondaze, and Guavalicious, the Blackout line will compete with a growing number of drinkables on California dispensary shelves.

The California Department of Cannabis Control Marks 100 Days

A man stands next to cannabis plants and speaks to two other people.

Last week, California’s Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) marked its first 100 days as a new state department. The DCC says it has already taken significant steps to deliver on the Newsom Administration’s commitments to support California cannabis businesses and improve the cannabis regulatory framework. Californians in the weed community have been disappointed with the […]