Ahti Hash is a brand of cannabis products in California. Ahti Farms inc was founded by Thomas Eames in 2017. Eames is the CEO and majority owner of Ahti Farms Inc as well as the sole founder of the brand and corporation.

Ahti Farms Inc, home of Ahti Hash entered the California recreational market in October 2020 and began dropping products to dispensaries in January of 2021. 

Ahti Farms Inc. works with brands Luma California, Wildcreek Farms Craft Cannabis, and Cosmic Distribution. 

Brand: Ahti Hash

Company: Ahti Farms, Inc.

Company Location: Santa Rosa, California

Available: California

Products: concentrates (ice water hash, hash rosin) 

Favorite strains: Pink Lemonade, Dookie Z 6*, Strawnana, Luma Cake, Luma Garden Mix #1, Luma Hindu, Luma Melons

License: CDPH-10004213

Ahti Hash

Brand Name: Ahti Hash

States available:


Favorite strains:



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