Archive Seed Bank is a brand of cannabis products in California. It is the house flower of Archive Dispensary in Portland, Oregon.

Brand: Archive/Archive Seed Bank

Company: Archive Seed Bank

Available: California, Oregon

Products: prepackaged flower, concentrates

Favorite strains: Elevated, Larry Face OG, Louis Faced, Polynesian Thin Mint, Clearwater Kush, Kirkwood OG, True Colors, Samoas, Face on Fire, King’s Stash, Poochie Love, Hazmat OG, Shoki, Ice Cream Cake, Light Speed, Banana Punch, White Tahoe Cookies, Banana Dosi, Dubble Motorboat, Black Garlic, Lemon-Cane, Moonbow #99, Casper OG, Rudeboi #7, Dirty Taxi #4, Sour Dubb x Orange Tahoe, LA Kush Cake

Archive Seed Bank

Brand Name: Archive Seed Bank

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