Brite Labs is a brand of cannabis concentrate and extract products. They are based in Oakland, California.

Brand: Brite Labs

Company: Golden State Recycling Collective, Inc.

Products: flower, prerolls, cannabis oil extract cartridges (510 cartridges, Pax Era Pods), concentrates (jelly wax, cannabis oil, budder)

Favorite strains: Sour Diesel, Ringo’s Gift 10:1, Strawberry Fields, Sunset Serbet, 501st OG, Gorilla Glue, Remedy Dream 1:1, Dosido, Birthday Cake, Purple Dream, Skywalker Goo, Tangie, Venom OG, GG#4, Alien OG, Watermelon Rancher, Mendo Breath, Jagoo, Dr. Greenshock 1:1, Tahoe OG, Tropical Sleigh Ride, Blue Dream, Purple Sleigh Ride, XXX OG, Headband, Double Dream, Obama Kush, Purple Kush, Sweet Goo, Forbidden Fruit, Hawaiian Dream, Tahoe Nebula, Orange Zkittlez, Pineapple Haze, Banjo, HerbaBuena 1:1, Madman OG, Gelato, Royal Kush, Blues Chaser 1:1, SFV OG, Tangie Grapefruit, Sweet Goo, God’s Gift, Blueberry Gelato, C99, Zkittelz, Purple Cinderella, Blackberry, Cinderella 99, Sour Strawberry, Super Glue, Tahoe OG, Lemon Haze, Candy Jack, Watermelon Rancher, Lemon Cake, Ogre, Royal Kush, Berry White, Candy Jack, GSC, Raspberry OG, Berry Phoenix, Cheese, Lemon Diesel, Cherry Kush, Holy Grail, Pine Berry, G Lime Burst 3:1, Venom Diesel, Alien Kush, Cannalope Kush, Platinum OG, Pine Tar, OG Kush, Purple Blackberry, Purple Punch, Tangie Grapefruit, Mendo Breath, Pineapple Cake, Billy’s Remedy 5:1, Doc’s OG, Key Lime Cookies, Mimosa, The Vision, Tri-Fi, Tropical Orange Bomb, Cherry Diesel, Cherry Pie, Passion Orange Guava, Sour Bubble, Strawberry Banana, Sundae Driver, Key Lime Cookies, Orange Creamsicle

Licenses: CDPH-10003069 | C11-0001058-LIC

Brite Labs

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