Don Merfos Exotics is a brand of cannabis products in the San Fransisco Bay Area of California. They work with Bay area brands Wizard Trees, LAX Packs, Doja, and Deep East.

Brand: Don Merfos Exotics

Company: Don Merfos Exotics

Available: California

Products: prepackaged flower

Favorite strains: Doscottie, Facemints (Face Off OG X Animal Mints), Gushers, American Pie, Kush Mints, Tommy, Lemon Cherry Gelato, GMO, Obama Runtz, Ice Cream Cake, Mochi Gelato, Bacio Gelato

Don Merfos Exotics

Brand Name: Don Merfos Exotics

States available:


Favorite strains:



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