Dr. Greenthumb’s Insane is a brand of cannabis products in California. It is available exclusively at Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensaries in Sylmar, California and Los Angeles, California. It is the company of Cypress Hill frontman B-Real. The Doctor’s Oracle is a related brand. B-Real collaborated with cultivator Kenji Fujishima to design the brand.

Brand: Insane OG/Dr. Greenthumb’s Insane

Company: Dr. Greenthumb’s

Available: California

Products: prepackaged flower

Favorite strains: Insane Cake, Insane Balato, Insane Purple Punch, Insane Gotti, Insane Kush Mints, Insane California Cherry, Insane Cali Girl, Insane Red October, Insane Wc x Wz, Insane Animal Mints, Insane Clemintine, Insane Gelato Sungrown, Insane Strawberry Tahoe, Insane Watermelon, Insane Hawaiian Runtz, Insane Banjo, Insane Dolce, Insane Flo, Insane H.S.C., Insane Butter Cake, Insane Lava Cake, Insane Plum Loco, Insane Headband, Insane Ice Cream Cake, Insane Butter Cake, Insane Dulce, Insane California Cherries, Insane Church OG, Insane Crewnecks, Gorilla Glue, Presidential OG, Wedding Punch

License: C10-0000625-LIC

Dr. Greenthumb's Insane

Brand Name: Dr. Greenthumb's Insane

States available:


Favorite strains:



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