Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock is a brand of cannabis products made in Los Angeles, California. Their marijuana is sourced from Seabright Farms in Long Beach, California.

Brand: Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock

Company: Seabright Distribution

Available: California

Products: prepackaged flower (buds covered in kief and resin РMoonrock Original, Moonrock Ice), pre-rolls (Moonrock Ice, vaporizers (Moonrock Clear), vape cartridges (Moonrock Clear), edibles (Bobby Blue Brownies, Dr. Zodiak’s Apple Jacks, Dr. Zodiak’s Coco Crispies, Dr. Zodiak’s Fruit Loops, Dr. Zodiak’s Cap N’ Crunch Berries, Dr. Zodiak’s Moonwalk Syrup)

Favorite strains: Black Cherry, Vanilla Ice Cream, Peaches N‚Äô Cream, Banana, Vanilla Mango, Original, Strawberry, Sour Diesel, Moonrock Ice, Razzle Dazzle, Cotton Candy, Watermelon Kush, Tootie Fruity, Strawberry/Banana, Red Moon, Lynwood Limonade, Gelato, Tangy, Lion Heart, Bobby Blue’s, Silver Back, Frosty’s Snow Cone

License Number: #C11-0000539-LIC

Dr. Zodiak

Brand Name: Dr. Zodiak

States available:


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