Fun Uncle is a brand of cannabis products owned and operated by Caliva. Caliva is based in San Jose, California. Caliva’s house brands include Bad Apple, Fun Uncle, and Deli.

Brand: Fun Uncle

Company: Caliva

Available: California

Products: Prepackaged Flower (1/8 softpacks), Prerolls (1g singles), Kief (1g), Hash

Favorite Strains: Backseat Jack, Don Zkittlez, Golden Strawberry, Green Zinger, Guava Zest, Happy Hour, Dosido, Sour Power Hour, House Shoes, Jack of All Trades, Bayou Berry, Shotgun OG, Mystery Machine, Roadie OG, Banana Split Bruiser, Smoke Master OG, Spacecraft, Super Session

License: Caliva License NO. C10-0000441-LIC, C9-0000235-LIC

Fun Uncle

Brand Name: Fun Uncle

States available:


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