Indus Holdings is a vertically-integrated cannabis manufacturer and distributor. They work with a number of popular brands. Robert Weakley is the CEO.

Brands: ACME, Altai, Canna Stripe, Cypress Cannabis, Flavor, House Weed, Humble Flower, Kaizen Medicinals, Moon, Original Pot Company, W Vapes; Beboe, CannaKids, Dixie Brands, Dr. Raw, Her Highness NYC, Hollister Cannabis Co., Kin Slips, Mirth Provisions, Orchid Essentials, Pantry Cannabis Infused, Platinum Vapes, TerpX; Distributed (in partnership with WAYV): Crown, Dr. Robb Farms, High Style, Hot Nife, Josh D – G, Kuda, Olo, Pax, Tikun, Vessel; Distribution partner for Wavy

Indus Holdings, Inc.

Brand Name: Indus Holdings, Inc.

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