Kanha Edibles is a brand of cannabis products in California. Kanha is produced and distributed by Sunderstorm.

Brand: Kanha Edibles

Company: Sunderstorm

Available: California

Products: edibles (gummies)

Favorite strains: Hybrid Blue Raspberry, Hybrid Peach, Hybrid Watermelon, Sativa Cherry, 1:1 Tranquility, 20:1 CBD Watermelon, Indica Strawberry, Sativa Pineapple, Cran-Pomegranate Punch Sativa, Indica Pink Lemonade, 4:1 Peach CBD, Sublime Key Lime Hybrid, Indica Mango, Passionfruit Paradise Indica, Sativa Ruby Grapefruit, Blood Orange Bliss Indica, Luscious Lemon Sativa, Galactic Grape Indica

License: Microbusiness C12-0000057-LIC

Kanha Edibles

Brand Name: Kanha Edibles

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