Lowell Herb Co. is a Los Angeles, California brand of cannabis products. Founded in 2017, they source from regional farmers in California and focus on natural and organic farming techniques. The founder and CEO is David Elias.

Brand: Lowell Herb Co./Lowell Farms

Company: Lowell Herb Co.

Available: California, Nevada

Products: Prepackaged flower (1/8 ounce glass jars), Prerolls (1g single; 10-pack (3.5g total), 14-pack (7g total), Vape cartridges, Disposable vape pens (live rosin sauce), Pax Era pods (rosin sauce), Edibles (infused mints)

Favorite strains: GG4, Rolls Choice, Hells’ Fire, The Dreamers, The Party, OG Chem, Jack Skellington, The Happy, The Dreamer, The Party, The Soothing, CBD

License: C11-0000502-LIC

Lowell Herb Co.

Brand Name: Lowell Herb Co.

States available:


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