Marley Natural is the official brand of musician Bob Marley, based in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 2014 based on a collaboration between the Marley family and Privateer Holdings. The brand is owned and distributed by Boca Raton, Florida-based Greenlane Holdings, Inc. Its edible and consumable products are owned by Docklight Brands, Inc.

Brand: Marley Natural

Company: Greenlane Holdings, Inc.

Available: California, Washington, Oregon

Products: Prepackaged Flower (1/8 ounce jars), Prerolls (.5g 3-pack), Vape Cartridges (.5g), Topicals (CBD Aloe After Sun, CBD Balm, CBD Hand Cream, CBD Lip Balm, CBD Roll-On), Ingestibles (CBD tea, CBD wellness shot), Edibles (Marley Chocolate). Product Lines: STUDIO high-end indoor (Studio Flower, Studio Prerolls, Studio Vape Cartridges); Heritage old school buds (Heritage Flower, Heritage Vape Cartridges, Heritage Hash).

Favorite Strains: Lemon Burst, Budzilla, Lemon Sour Diesel, Slurricane, Gorilla Wookies, Jack Herer, Papaya, Banana OG, Black Jack, Mimosa, Peanut Butter Breath, Indica SFV OG, Blue Dream, Purple Punch, White Cookies, Sundae Driver, Jungle Juice, Apricots, Red Fire Cookies, Cherry Tangie, Watermelon Zkittlez, Turpentine OG, Wedding Cake, Orange Burmese, Trident CBD

License: C11-0000083-LIC

Marley Natural

Brand Name: Marley Natural

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