THC Design is a brand of cannabis products based in Los Angeles, California. Their products are estate-grown and single-sourced. They have over 50 strains that they cultivate.

Brand Name: THC Design

Company Name: THC Design, LLC

Location: Los Angeles, CA

States available: California

Products: Prepackaged Flower (Grower’s Reserve Gold Label, Estate Eighth Box Set, Estate Eight 1/8th gram jars, Estate Gram 1g pouches), Prerolls (6-pack (3.5g total), Single (.5g)).

Favorite Strains: Crescendo, Gorilla Goo, Grape Head, Jack Hammock, Lemon Meringue, OG Chemdawg, Space Oddity, XJ-13, Black Cherry Cheesecake Cookies, Ice Cream Cake, Rainbow Punch, Skywalker OG, White Tahoe Cookies, Wonder Larry, Banana Punch, Member Berry, Platinum Scout, Purple Punch, Strawberry Banana, 24K

License: C11-0000584-LIC

THC Design

Brand Name: THC Design

States available:


Favorite strains:



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