Apex Extractions is a brand of cannabis products in California.

Brand: Apex Extractions

Company: Apex Extractions

Available: California

Products: vape pens, vape batteries (Pinnacle), vape cartridges (510s, Pinnacle pods), concentrates

Favorite strains: Strawberry Daiquiri, Green Apple, TK x NBK, Girl Scout Cookies, London Pound Cake, Wedding Cake, Dragon Fruit x Super Lemon Haze, Josh D OG, Melonade, Purple Punch, Chem Dawg, Grape Drank, Papa Mo, Samoas, Tardis, Banana Cream Pie, Sour Diesel, Black Licorice, Sour Diesel x Gorji Berries, Bacio, Cuban Bubba Haze, Kosher Kush, Peach Soda, GMO, A.T.F., Kobe OG, Chem 91, Banana OG, King Blackberry Cake, Pie Face, Biscotti, Blue Dragon, Orange Creamsicle, Bacio x White Truffle, Pepe Le Citrus, Lemon Bean x Lemonade, Sugar Cookies, Wifi OG, Sled Dawg, Peanut Butter Cookies, Banana Puddintain, Cowbell

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