Better Days

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Better Days

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Better Days is a brand of weed products available at licensed weed dispensaries in California. It uses Tradecraft Farms weed and is distributed by Dub Bros. Aka Better Days Bakeries, Los Angeles.

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“100% Vegan, for Good Taste and Good VibesWe’re not preachy, we just keep the animal parts out of the ol food box. We’re still maxin’ on the flavor though, with zero gluten and no corny-ass corn syrup either.”Powered by Tradecraft FarmsBetter Days depends first and foremost on a better grow. Our in-house farms are state-of-the-art.Because we have always been a patient-driven company we have had to learn to grow many strains— usually at the same time— to satisfy the myriad of ailments our patients suffer. Many growers learn to grow one large yielding sativa and that’s it, over and over. They sell it all to one buyer who eventually distributes the generic product to distributers. We are completely vertically integrated, that means we grow everything for ourselves— no middle man. What our patients get is something we grew right here under our roof, which is why we grow dozens of different strains together, sometimes as many as 50 strains in one super room! We regularly hunt for phenomes, turning our facilities into huge R/D labs. This is not cheap. It is very time consuming and labor intensive. We do it because that is how you stay ahead of the strain game— and we always have medical quality cannabis for people who need it.Organic CultivationMeticulous controls and testingArtisanal strainsBest practice sustainable farmingTradecraft farms are a founded, owned and operated by Dub Brothers. Always growing the best, naturally.”

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