Brand Type: Parent Brand

Brand Featured: Yes

Brand Description: Blem is a weed brand in California. It is cultivated by Cali Lotus.

Brand Manufacturer's Description: "BLEM blem - flower brand – a state of being really, really highThis isn’t just our name, it’s our vibe. Inspired by the Caribbean dancehall dialect (patois), BLEM is proud to present the following collection of strains: UNRULY (OG KUSH INDICA), BOASY (BUTTERSCOTCH HYBRID), LEMON TING (LEMON CHERRY COOKIES HYBRID), TANGIE TING (TANGIE SATIVA) and CYATTIE (GELATO X MOCHI HYBRID).Cultivated by Cali LotusTracing its roots back to the early 2000s in Southern California, Cali Lotus has strived to achieve one goal: to consistently cultivate high quality cannabis, specifically OG Kush. Boasting a rich history of widely sought-after strains—including being one of the original collaborators of JetFuel OG as well as the original cultivator of the award-winning Billy Kimber OG and 40 Elephants—Cali Lotus is now focused on exclusively cultivating the flower brands BLEM and JetFuel OG."

Brand Based in State: California

Brand Available in States: California


Brand Product Types: Flower

Brand Strains: Cyattie, Lemon Ting, Unruly OG, Tangie Ting

Brand Parent: Cali Lotus

Brand Licenses: C11-0001224-LIC