Based in Perris, CA in California’s Inland Empire, Claybourne Co. is a brand of marijuana and a cannabis distributor. Founded by Nick Ortega and Brent Barnes.

Products: Flower (Eighths, Grams, Ounces, Small Bud Premium Ounces, Small Bud Premium Half Ounces, Private Stock Big Bud Premium Ounces, Power Pack (Flower+Kief), Shake ‘n Bake (Flower+Kief))

Favorite strains: Ice Cream Cake, Animal Cake, Afghani Bullrider, Granddaddy Quin 1:1, Godzilla Glue, Sticky Papaya, Purple Punch, 3x Sour, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Wedding Crasher

License: C11-0000032-LIC