Flow Kana is a brand of cannabis products using sun-grown cannabis produced by Northern California craft farmers. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Redwood Valley, California. Its parent company, EHT, is based in San Fransisco.

Brand: Flow Kana

Company: Event Horizon Technologies, Inc.

Available: California

Products: prepackaged flower, pre-rolls

Favorite strains: Orange Creamsicle, Ringo’s Gift, Birthday Cake, Purple Anarchy, Wedding Cake, Oil Spill, Billy, Forbidden Fruit, Green Door, Equinox, Infinity, Canna Tsu, Lady Benbow, Gorilla Glue, Rising Sun, Green Kandy Jack, Harle Tsu, Royal Pineapple, Harmony Rose, Paradise Punch, Pineapple Rising, Rattlesnake Sour, Angel Food Cake, Tire Fire, Equinox 2, Sour Diesel, Pink Boost Goddess, Royal Razzberry, Champagne, Pineapple Wonder, S’mores Gelato, Doc OG, Rising Pines, Pancakes, Black Garlic, South Fork Kush, Fruit Stripe, 99 Cookies, Boss OG, Lucy’s Diamonds, Strawberry Goo, Super Fruit, Legacy Sour Diesel, Rattlesnake OG, Pennywise, Citrus Ballistic, Crystal Hope, Sour Caramel, Strawberry Banana, Sour Chaos, Banjo, Lime Juice, Holy Grail, Blue Fire, Rolls Choice, Sherbert, Lambo OG, Cannatonic, Green Candy Jack, Cheese Train, Rose Gold, Sperpentine, Lemonchello, Double OG Sour, Huckleberries, White Pine

License Numbers: C11-0001065-LIC, PML18-0001544