GKUA Ultra Premium

Brand Type: Parent Brand

Brand Featured: No

Brand Description: GKUA Ultra Premium is a brand of weed products available at licensed weed dispensaries in California.

Brand Manufacturer's Description: " Lil Wayne, artistic giant and connoisseur of cannabis, has created the ultimate cannabis brand, GKUA Ultra Premium. Lil Wayne provides inspiration to millions of people and now he is delivering it in one more form, the best high of your life. Produced from the finest cannabis, GKUA Ultra Premium products are Lil Wayne tasted and approved. GKUA strives to inspire artists and dreamers and supports the arts through collaborations with new artists in multiple mediums. GKUA Ultra Premium products are available in select California dispensaries. For more information about GKUA Ultra Premium products and events, visit gkua.com."

Brand Based in State: California

Brand Available in States: California


Brand Product Types: Flower, Preroll, Vape Cart

Brand Strains: GKUA VIP, The Goblin, Silverback, Big Purp, G.O.A.T., Mac Attack, Melo, Slime, 7:00am