Guild Extracts is a brand of cannabis products in California.

Brand: Guild Extracts

Company: Guild Extracts

Products: vape cartridges (510s, Pax Era Pods), concentrates (crystalline, THCa Powder, Delta 8, Diamond Sauce, HTE, Batter, Shatter, CBD Sap, Live Resin, dab tablets)

Favorite strains: Sweet Jack, Dr. Who, Goji, SFV OG, Lemon Larry, Grandaddy Purple, Harlitsu, Afghani, Peach Kobbler, AC/DC, Skywalker OG, Chemdog OG, Chihuapei, Fruit Loopz, Lemon Tree, Pineapple Trainwreck, Sunset Sherbet, Berry White, White Tahoe, Alien Kush, Day Dream

Manufacturer License: CDPH-T00000151

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