Kuda is a brand of cannabis products based in Eureka California.

Brand: Kuda

Company: Kuda Cannabis

Available: California

Products: prepackaged flower, pre-rolls, concentrates

Favorite strains: Sour Diesel, Gelato, Tangie, Platinum Relief, Ice Cream Cake, Lambs Bread, Platinum Candy Gelato, Lost Cost Lemon Haze, Bubba Kush, Blue Dream, Crystal Cookies, Don Carlos, Gelato Crutch, Mendo Breath, Rainbow Flame, StarDawg, Sunset Sherbet, Wedding Cake, XXX OG, Zkittles, Zmuffinz, Jovial Haze, Gelato

License: PAL18-0000443 | PAL18-0001140 | PAL18-0001139

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