Life Cannabis Co.

Brand Type: Parent Brand

Brand Featured: No

Brand Description: Life Cannabis Co. is a weed brand available in California.

Brand Manufacturer's Description: "GROWN TO GIVE. Inspired by life’s karmic cycle, we grow the highest quality cannabis to nourish our mind and body so that we may help the Earth heal. LIFE was founded in 2020 with the promise of delivering nature’s highest quality organic flower in a sustainable way. A portion of LIFE’s profits go back to helping the charities that continue the fight against climate change." Alchemy Distribution LLC West Side Los Angeles

Brand Based in State: California

Brand Available in States: California

Address: , Los Angeles, CA

Phone Number:

Email: [email protected]


Brand Product Types: Flower

Brand Strains: Pink Fritter, Strawberry Gelato, Sunset OG, Blue Diamond Sorbet, Grapefruit OG

Brand Licenses: C11-0001028-LIC