Lolo is a brand of affordable cannabis products owned and operated by NorCal Cannabis Co.

Brand name: Lolo

Company name: NorCal Cannabis Co.

Location: San Fransisco

States Available: California

Products: Prepackaged Flower, Vape Pens, Vape Cartridges, Extracts (sauce), Edibles (gummies)

Favorite strains: Mango Brulee, Blood Orange, Grand Daddy Purple, Tropical Trainwrecks

NorCal Cannabis License #s: CCL18-0001610, CCL18-0001611, CCL18-0001625, CCL19-0001443, CCL18-0002660, C12-0000196-LIC, C12-0000067-LIC, C11-0000328-LIC, C11-0000335-LIC