Packwoods is a brand of cannabis products in Los Angeles, California. Packwoods specializes in infused pre-rolls. The original Packwoods pre-roll is made up of two grams of flower, dipped in concentrate, dusted in kief and rolled in a 100% tobacco-free wrap.

Brand: Packwoods

Company: Packwoods

Available: California

Products: pre-rolls (Classic, Roll Your Own Kit)

Favorite strains: Fish Scale, Dolce Gelato, Pressure, Mimosa, Dough, Flan, Atomic OG, Orange Peel, Sugar Mint, OG Kush, Flo, Gelato, Pink Runtz, Purple Runtz, Chem Dawg, Cherry AK, DTLA OG, El Chapo, White Runtz, Rose OG, Gelato 33, Purple Punch, Tear Gas, Strawnana, Wedding Cake, Cookies and Cream, Super Skunk, Skunk Berry, Birthday Cake, Peanut Butter

License: C11-0000468-LIC