Queen of Hearts is a brand of cannabis products in California.

Brand: Queen of Hearts

Company: Queen of Hearts Cannabis Co.

Available: California

Products: prepackaged flower, pre-rolls, concentrates (shatter, sauce, badder)

Favorite strains: Banana OG, Black Cherry Soda, Blackwater OG, Breath Taker, ChemD OG, Cookies & Cream, Cookies and Cream, Dirty sprite, Do-Si-Dos, Dream Weaver, El Chapo OG, Fruit Paradise, Future Cake, GG#4, Girl Scout Cookies, GMO, Hard Times OG, Jack, Jack Herer, Jet Fuel OG, King Louis XIII, Koolato, Lucid Dream, Madman OG, Milk N Cookies, Mimosa, Nana Chips, Old Family Purple, Orangeade, Paris OG, Platinum Purple Candy, Private Reserve OG, Purple Punch, Select category, SGV OG, Sour Apple Killer, Star Dawg, Stardawg, Sundae Driver, THC Bomb, Thin Mint Cookies, Vader OG, Wedding Cake, Wedding Crasher, Zero Dark 30, Zkittle

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