Shango is a brand of cannabis products sold in Michigan, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and California. They are based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The brand rights are owned by Rexroad Marquis Corporation. Shango is the exclusive grower of Tommy Chong’s “Chong’s Choice” Cannabis.

Brand: Shango

Company: Shango/RExroad Marquis Corporation

Available: California, Michigan, Arizona, ORegon, Washington, Nevada

Products: prepackaged flower (regular and Shango Easy softpacks), vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles

Favorite strains: Yoda OG, White Tahoe Cookies, Grape Valley Kush, Wookie, The Sauce, A-Dub, Sticky B, XJ-13, Mango OG, Burnie Mac, Cheesecake, SLV OG, Star Killer, Memory Loss, Inzane, Grease Monkey, Humble Pie, Alien Banana Candy, Black Flag, Wookie, Full Metal Jacket, Kooks, Mac, The Sauce, 195, Chem, Sunset MAC, Cement Shoes, Grease Monkey, King Tut, Slhoamac, Acai, Burnie MAC, Lemon Tree, Lemon Jak, Sherbert, Wedding Cake, Sundae Driver, Watermelon Gelato, Wedding Pie