Brand Type: Parent Brand

Brand Featured: Yes

Brand Description: Stick.e.vape is a brand of cannabis products available at licensed weed dispensaries in California. It is produced by Dub Bros./Tradecraft Farms.

Brand Manufacturer's Description: "Stick.E.Vape cannabis pens are available as disposables and cartridges— for wholesale to outside dispensaries. The line prides itself on its organic and premium quality oils.""STICKE born from good old-fashioned American ingenuity, crafted by a group of So Cal Natives with first-hand experience in cultivation, extraction, and owning dispensaries the group saw an opportunity to innovate and create a product that matched the So Cal culture they live. Growing up in the surf, skate, art and music scene the brand encompasses all of these elements while offering highest quality Cannabis products. Home of The Dirty Heads, Sublime with Rome, Risk Rock and Christian Fletcher."Powered by Tradecraft Farms.

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