Sublime is a brand of cannabis products available in California. Sublime Canna is based in Oakland, California. It was founded and is owned by the rapper Too Real. Too Real also owns the cannabis brand Untethered.

Brand: Sublime

Company: Sublime Canna

Available: California

Products: pre-rolls (Fuzzies, King Fuzzies, Mini Fuzzies (3-pack)), vape cartridges (Sublime Gold), vaporizers (Sneaker) edibles (ice pops)

Favorite strains: Super Silver Haze, OG Kush, Green Goddess, Cookies, ACDC, Sour Diesel, GDP, Sour Tangie, Forbidden Fruit, J1, Skywalker OG

California Cannabis Manufacturing License: CDPH-10003170, California Cannabis Distribution License: C11-0000536-LIC