The Cannabis Brothers

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The Cannabis Brothers

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Cannabis Bros. is the brand formed by the merger of The Cannabis Gardener and Payaso Grow. The brothers, Terrance and Philip, are based in the Los Angeles area. Their parent company is TCG Industries.Brands: The Cannabis Brothers, Mr. B’s Extracts, The Cannabis Gardener, Payaso Grow, The Cannabis SistersProducts: FlowerFavorite strains: Cookies N Chem, Dragon’s Breath, Grape Pie, Pina Grande, Resin Crusher, Sour Sandia, Triangle Mints, White Tahoe Cookies, Wifi x CookiesLic #00405934 

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The Cannabis Gardener and Payaso Grow are the pioneer brands that are named after the brother master growers Terence and Philip. Upon marrying both brands, the creation of The Cannabis Brothers was formed. Growing since the ripe age of 15, “the boys” have come along since tin foil on the walls of their closet and utilizing Mom’s greenhouse in the backyard. Their passion for this flower over the years has brought them their fair share of ups and downs, but they continued to do what they loved… exploring this extraordinary flower and its limitless capabilities. Collectively the brands have developed over ten top winning strains, produced some of the most consistent and high-quality cannabis genetics, with several sought-after cross breeds and many more to come. To date the highest THC value grown has been up to 34%. Specializing in indoor and outdoor pesticide free, with organic and vegan practices. With decades of experience in several mediums and growing environments from soilless, soil, coco, etc. The Cannabis Brother’s passion for helping people combined with their industry specific talent and experience are what truly differentiates this boutique line from many other cannabis producers. They are known for developing award-winning product that remains in the highest of demand throughout a distribution network that encompasses the world.

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