The Cannon Co. is a brand of cannabis products in Los Angeles, California.

Brand: Cannon

Company: The Cannon Co.

Available: California

Products: pre-rolls

Favorite strains: Rootbeer Float, MAC and Mintz, White Guava Gelato, Four, Space Cake, Blue Guava Gelato, Cake Mintz, Animal Mints, Sundae Driver, Strawberry Gelato, Dolomite Is My Strain, MAC1, RS11, Red Rum, Dolato, Acai Gelato, Buttafingazzz, Guarana, Tutti Fruitti, TKO, Banana Mochi, Daniel Larusso, Lemon Mints, Shady Apples, Golden State Orangez, Kiwi Strawberry, Golden State Banana, Gelato 33, 40 Elephants, Zlushie, Fidels Papaya, Fidels Runtz, Peanut Butter Breath, Jungle Juice, Matsumoto

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