Dan “Budtender Dan” Wilson is an advocate for California cannabis. He is a teacher and consultant for the weed industry. Budtender Dan’s Guides will be a series of free eBooks for Californians, currently being written in consultation with experts.

Launching Fall 2021! Please check back!

Budtender Dan’s Budtender Training Course, California Edition 2022-2023

The “Budtender Training Course” is a guide that provides all of the information you need to successfully sell cannabis to the public. The role of the Budtender is to be able to consult with the customer and, based on the Budtender’s knowledge of what strains and products are on hand, make recommendations to that customer. Budtenders in California need to know all of the basics about cannabis as well as having a strong background in popular strains and brands on the market.

Budtender Dan’s Guide to California Weed

The topic of California cannabis is huge, with a long history and a lot of new developments in the present. This guide will give a thorough overview of the history of growing, cultivating, and legalizing cannabis in the state of California. It will also discuss the geography of California in terms of where cannabis has been and is currently grown. This guide also gives an overview of the importance of music and art to weed in California. A must for anyone who wants to become a part of the California Weed Culture Industry.

Budtender Dan’s Guide to Starting a Weed Business in California

Ready to start your own weed business in California? This guide gives you everything you need to know, including first planning steps, requirements for licensing, and expected costs. There are many decisions to make when starting a cannabis business in California, and this guide has you covered.