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Where does the term 420 come from, and what does it mean? Even if you are not a cannabis
Korova Unrivaled  is a cannabis company with a passion for high potency cannabis products known for edibles and cookies
Dr. Dre (born Andre Young) is a Grammy winning rapper, producer,  billionaire, and hip hop mogul.  He is from
Ice Cube (born O’shea Jackson) is an  acclaimed rapper, actor and member of  the gangster rap supergroup N.W.A. He
Mario Guzman, also known as Mr. Sherbinskis is the founder of Sherbinks,  the world famous cannabis cultivation line and
Sequette Clark is the  founder and owner of  the Sacramento based Justice Tree,   a cannabis company, which is
Stiiizy is a well known California based cannabis company that has set industry standards when it comes to vape
Death Row Records founded by Suge Knight  and Dr. Drein 1991 in Los Angeles, and is known as one
Snoop Dogg is one of the biggest names in rap music and cannabis, and he is known worldwide as
Deftones is a hard rock/metal band  from Sacramento, which formed in 1988. The band always had an affinity for
Xzibit is a rapper, actor, tv personality and cannabis entrepreneur.  He began his music career in the late 1990s,
Berner (born Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr.)  was born and raised in the  San Francisco area. By the time he
Shavo Odadjian is the founder and owner of the Los Angeles based cannabis lifestyle  brand and cultivation company 22
System of a Down is the  Los Angeles, California based,  platinum selling grammy nominated metal band. All of the
N.W.A.(Niggaz Wit Attitude) is the legendary seminal  gangster rap group, from Compton California, and are often considered to be 
Eazy-E (born Eric Wright) was a founding member of the legendary gangster rap group from Compton, California, called N.W.A.(
DNA Genetics is an award winning cannabis company and seed bank, renowned for its genetics around the world. It
Wonderbrett  is a cultivation facility, and seed bank with a specialty  in breeding exclusive genetic strains of cannabis. It
Doja Pak  is a globally recognized weed brand, based in California,  founded by cannabis entrepreneur Ryan Bartholomew. It began
Sherbinskis is the world famous cannabis cultivation line and brand , run by Mr. Sherbinski (aka Mario Guzman). From
Product of Los Angeles(POLA) is the first Mexican cannabis company that sells two types of cannabis edibles: the Augua
Alphonso ‘Tucky’   Blunt is a leader in cannabis advocacy,  education and social equity.  As a young African American
Fidel’s Genetics is  a cannabis genetic specialty seed bank and cannabis company founded by Shawn Damirdjian, aka Fidel Hydro.
Grizzly Peak is a vertically integrated cannabis company based out of both Oakland, and San Diego, California. They are
NaN an Acronym for Back on Death Row, and is the latest album by rapper and cannabis advocate, connoisseur,
Snoop Dogg Presents Algorithm is a compilation rap album by world famous rapper and cannabis user, advocate, business owner,
Napalm  Brands  is a Los Angeles based cannabis  brand and company founded in 2020, during the  Covid-19 Pandemic. That
22Red is a  fully legal cannabis company based out of Los Angeles, California. It is run and owned by
Tobacco is often compared to weed, but they are extremely different from one another. Tobacco is the common name
Top-grade flower is the best version of the cannabis bud from the best grown/cured version of a particular genetic
The traditional market is a term for what used to be called the black market or what is now
Black market refers to the underground market for the sale and distribution of marijuana in California. The black market
On cannabis plants, trichomes are glandular hairs, fine outgrowths that cover the flowering bud of the plant. They are
To vaporize weed means to heat it at a low enough setting that the plant material doesn’t combust but
Weed is a common slang term for cannabis. Specifically, weed refers to the smokable part of cannabis, the bud
In cannabis, small batch production refers to the way that the product is grown. As it implies, small batch
A smoke shop is a store that sells paraphernalia for consuming cannabis and tobacco. Smoke shops sell the tools
Weed is most commonly and readily consumed by smoking it. To smoke is to consume weed by smoking it
Second-hand smoke refers to breathing in smokey air even if you are not intentionally smoking cannabis. Breathing in second-hand
To hotbox means to stay enclosed in a small space filled with marijuana smoke. The smoke might be generated
After the legalization of recreational weed in California, advocates worked to get additional support and funding for license applicants
Solvent-less hash oil (SHO) is a cannabis concentrate made without chemical solvents. Solventless methods include heat and pressure, dry
Solvent extraction of cannabis is a common way to separate the cannabis oil from the plant. Currently, the most
Stoned is a common slang term for being/getting high.
Sublingual means “under the tongue,” and is a type of cannabis ingestible that you take orally. Sublingual cannabis ingestibles
Cannabis is often measured and sold in ounces. Once full ounce is the largest unit of measurement, and from
Potency is the measurement of how strong your weed is. Potency varies depending on the genetics/strain, the way it’s
In the context of cannabis, prohibition refers to the criminalization, banning, suppression, and policing of the growth, distribution, and
The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) (Proposition 64) was a 2016 voter initiative to legalize cannabis in California.
Weed is commonly sold in ounces or parts of an ounce. Quarter is short for “a quarter of an
Recreational marijuana refers to the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, that is, not specifically for medical use. Medical
When Californians legalized weed in 2016, the law stated that the state of California must create a system to
In nature, resin is a sticky flammable organic substance, insoluble in water, exuded by some trees and other plants
Rosin is a full-spectrum extract, containing the cannabinoid and terpene profile of the original plant. It is made using
Rolling is the primary term used to make a joint. In other words, you roll a joint. Rolling a
For weed, bag appeal refers to the smell of the product when evaluating its quality or desirability. Unlike jar
Northern California (colloquially known as NorCal) is a geographic and cultural region that generally comprises the northern portion of
An NFT is a non-fungible token. A non-fungible token is a unique (non-interchangeable) unit of data stored on a
The mouthpiece is the part of a smoking instrument that you put your mouth on for the purpose of
Sun rocks are like moon rocks but they are “upgraded,” and therefore more expensive. With moon rocks, the weed
Moon rocks are made by taking a nug of a weed bud and dipping it in or spraying it
Medical marijuana was allowed in California beginning in 1996. Patients were to be recommended by a licensed physician and
Mixed-Light means the use of both natural and artificial or supplemental lighting sources during the growing cycle to cultivate
Weed is sold in terms of grams. In the case of edibles, THC and CBD content is listed in
The Medical Marijuana Movement took place in the late 1980s and early 1990s, primarily in the North East Coast,
Medical marijuana became legal in California in 1996. It was the result of the medical marijuana movement. Medical cannabis
Marijuana is another term for cannabis, especially as smoked or consumed as a psychoactive (mind-altering) drug. Marijuana was the
Manufacturers extract cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plants and make products out of the extract. The types of products
Indoor cannabis growers use electric lights to grow weed instead of using sunlight. Therefore, indoor growers will refer to
The licensed market consists of cannabis businesses that are part of the regulated, legal cannabis industry in California. To
In order to grow, sell, and distribute cannabis in California for business purposes you must have a license to
Legalization of marijuana refers to the reversal of laws that criminalized marijuana cultivation and possession. Decriminalization of marijuana in
Joints and joint rolling papers or prerolled cones come in several sizes, a common one being King Size, which
Kief is the term for the accumulated trichomes, or resin glands, sifted from cannabis flowers through a mesh screen
Jar appeal refers to the look of cannabis buds that are being sold at the dispensary. Since cannabis often
Ingestibles are a form of cannabis that are taken by mouth. Ingestibles include things like pills, tabs, sublinguals, and
Hollyweed is a nickname for Los Angeles or California as a whole. It is a combination of the word
Being high refers to the experience of the effects of THC after consuming cannabis. It is a common colloquial
Hemp paper is paper that is made from the type of cannabis plant that doesn’t contain THC. Hemp paper
Cannabis buds are the flowering part of the plant. Buds grow up the stalk of the cannabis plant. Bud
Hash oil or butane hash oil or honey oil is an alternative term for cannabis oil, a type of
A grower is a person who grows or cultivates cannabis. A grower is usually a term that refers to
Growing refers to the the cultivation of cannabis, primarily for the production and consumption of its infructescences (“buds” or
A cannabis grinder is used to break down the dense, sticky cannabis bud flower to prepare it to be
Cannabis consumption usually first involved breaking down the dense, sticky flower buds to prepare them to be smoked. Using
Cannabis that is grown using sunlight can mimic techniques that indoor growers use by using tarps and shades to
Mixed-Light means the use of both natural and artificial or supplemental lighting sources during the growing cycle to cultivate
Weed is sometimes grown in a greenhouse. Greenhouses allow plants to grow using sunlight, which is more natural and
The primary way that weed is measured is in grams and in ounces. In the street, ounces are more
An alternative term to refer to ethanol.