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22Red is a  fully legal cannabis company based out of Los Angeles, California. It is run and owned by Shavo Odadjian, bass player from world renowned metal band System of a Down. 22 Red’s mission statement is to “create an amplified cannabis lifestyle that  celebrates the creatives of the world.” 22 Red is a cannabis company and lifestyle brand that works with cannabis products, and has its own merchandise line. It is heavily involved in fashion, cannabis and music.   

The company is fully licensed and legal in California, Nevad and Arizona, and aside from cannabis products containing THC also provides all natural CBD Hemp products for wellness. 

As the owner, Shavo Odadjian is also a proponent of cannabis use for both medical and recreational use, and used his passion for creativity and innovation to create the company. The 22 from 22 Red comes from Shavo’s respect for Numerology and is an homage to the number 22, which has a special meaning in Odadjian’s life. 

For all of its cannabis products, 22 Red uses only the best, certified,highest quality premium cannabis. The company offers flowers and pre rolls of exclusive in house strains such as Mimosa 22, Church 22, 22 OG and Caramel Gelato. THC Vape pen cartridges are also available, in the strains of OG Kush, Strawberry Banana, and Watermelon.22 Red’s line of cannabis products are available in legal cannabis dispensaries in California, Nevada and Arizona. For more info on where to find a store, for California locations, click here.

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