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Adam “AG Cubano” Gil is a rapper and artist from the Bay area of California.

His 2009 debut album Feet to the Street was produced by Loctown Entertainment and was mixed and arranged by “mixtape kings,” the Demolition Men.

He put out Chase Paper (2010), Power Moves (2013), and Power Trip (2013) all with A dot G Music/Rapbay/Urbanlife Distribution.

Power Trip was his first release co-signed by the Maybach Music Group and Maybach Latino Empire.

He then moved to Miami and signed with Gold Toes’s GT Digital to release Feet to the Street Sk14 (2014), Short Days Long Nights (2015), Short Days, Long Nites 2 (2016), Cash & Carry (2016), Gunz ‘n Rosez (2017) and Blood & Sweat (2017).

Cubano then moved to New York to work with Don Chino. He released Gunz ‘n Rosez Chopped Not Slopped) (2018), Blood & Sweat w/ OG Ron C (Chopped Not Slopped) (2018), and Visions(2018).

Around 2019 Cubano moved back to the Bay area and released Gold Toes Presents Playa Potnaz w/Lucky Luciano (2019) and Not For Nothing (2019).

Personal Life

A.G. Cubano grew up in the Bay area in the neighborhood/town of Palo Alto/Menlo Park. He grew up with his parents and sister. He is of Cuban and Mexican descent. His parents emigrated from Cuba to the Bronx before finally landing in Northern California.

As young as 11 Cubano started smoking weed and soon after was selling it in the streets. He continued to run the streets selling drugs until he got arrested one too many times. In order to avoid further trouble, he left dealing behind and turned to music.

At 21, he released his debut album to lots of praise. He spent the next ten years as one of the Bay area’s top talents.

In 2014 he moved to Miami to be signed to Rick Ross’s label. While there, he started importing Bay Area weed and selling it to the rappers and elite folks of Miami. For the next five years, he continued trapping weed and making music.

In 2019 his business partner in New York lost his life, and Cubano moved back to the Bay area to restart. He purchased a clothing store called Fitted Shop.

Just before the Coronavirus epidemic, Cubano sold his clothing store and used the money to start a cannabis business with his partner Mo Ortiz. He named his brand TasteDeezTreatz.

Before getting licensed, he was already branding his top-shelf exotic strains and marketing around the Bay area.

His marketing prowess got the attention of Berner and Cookies, and since Berner already knew him as an artist, he threw his support behind launching the brand.

Goldtoes too helped push the brand and ended up putting Cubano in contact with Lyfted Farms, who now supplies his brand from their vast strain library.

TasteDeezTreatz appeared on dispensary shelves in 2021 after making a splash in the streets.

The brand is known not only for its packaging and marketing but also for names that refer to the Latino culture that Cubano grew up around.

Eventually Cubano partnered with the brand Lyfted Farms, growers of exotic flower that has one of the best strain libraries in the state. Early popular strains like Mojito Cubano, Tres Leches, and Helado gave way to later dispensary strains like Helado, Pink Helado, and Azul Helado. The logo of TasteDeezTreatz is the famous ice cream cart of the Paletas.

By early 2022 TasteDeezTreatz was being carried by 70-plus dispensaries in the state.

Cubano currently holds the position of Creative Director with Gold Toes’s label GT Digital that is partnered with Empire Records.

AG Cubano Discography

Not For Nothing, 2019, GT Digital/AG Cubano 2

Feats. Trife Gang Rich, Rico 2 Smoove, DJ Habanero, Young Dant, Beenhadit, Don Chino, Johnny Rey, RBE Sneakk, Tido Love, Black Dant, Louie B.

Gold Toes Presents w/Lucky Luciano Playa Potnaz 2019, GT Digital/AG Cubano 2/Lucky Luciano

Feats. Baby Bash, Marty Obey, Washywav, Dat Boi T, Baby Gas, Awol, Don Chino, Young Zone, Pancho V.

Visions, 2018, GT Digital/AG Cubano 2

Feats. DJ Habanero, Poodah, Don Chino, Snootie Wild, Baby Gas, Uhficial, Young Chop, Amoneymuzic.

Gunz ‘n Rosez, 2017, GT Digital/Gunz n’ Rosez

Feats. Joseph Kay, Shady Nate, BP, Baby Gas, Lourock, Shady Nate, Kd the Goer.

Blood & Sweat, 2017, GT Digital/AG Cubano 2

Feats. Young Chop, Joseph Kay, Don Chino, Young Gully, Yung Gabe, Baby Gas, Lazy-Boy, Lil Raider, Grammz.

Cash & Carry, 2016, GT Digital/AG Cubano/Baby Gas

Feats. Yung Gabe, Don Chino, Beloved Bash, Lucky Luciano, Adrenaline, Awal “the Gasman”

Short Days, Long Nites 2, 2016, GT Digital/AG Cubano 2

Feats. Macho, Don Chino, Yung Gabe, Baby Gas, Lucky Luciano, Berner, B.J., Raly Haze, Ro Money, Anonymous, Young Flacs, Checkmate Chequez.

Short Days Long Nights, 2015, GT Digital/A.G. Cubano

Feats. Uhficial, Don Chino, Bby Gas, Cir, Magazeen, Pancho V, Lucky Luciano, San Quinn, E-Ferocious, Zone

Feet to the Street 2K14, 2014, GT Digital/Checkmate

Feats: Laroo, Shad Gee, D.E.O., Turf Talk, Beeda Weeda, Matt Blaque, Gungho, P Tha Fool, The Jacka, San Quinn, Jeneral Lee, Shady Nate, C-Bo, Shake, Big Rich, Gutta Mob, Cadillac Mike, Robba.

Power Trip, September 2013, A dot G Music/Rapbay/Urbanlife Distribution/”Maybach Music Latino Presents”

Power Moves, October 2013, A dot G Music/Rapbay/Urbanlife Distribution, MMG

Feats. Future, Gunplay

Chase Paper, 2010, A dot G Music/Rapbay/Urbanlife Distribution, Mixed by DJ Prodege, “Baysick Clothing presents”

Feats. Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Compton Menace, Berner, Philthy Rich, Jay Rock

Feet to the Street, 2009, Loctown Entertainment, “Mixed and Arranged by Demolition Men Bay Area’s Mixtape Kings”

Feats. Shake, Big Rich, Matt Blaque, GuttaMob, Jeneral Lee, Shad Gee, C-Bo, Laroo, P Tha Fool, Jeneral Lee, Shady Nate, the Jacka, San Quinn, Gungho, Turf Talk, Beeda Weeda, D.E.O.

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