Berner (born Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr.)  was born and raised in the  San Francisco area. By the time he was in high school he was rapping and using cannabis. He has released 16 albums, most of which contain references and lyrics directly about the cannabis culture, use and lifestyle. These include Hempire (2016), The 20 Lights EP(2015), Drugstore Cowboy (2013) and Urban Farmer(2012). In his music career, he has collaborated with, recorded, and toured  with many other cannabis centric artists, including but not limited to B-Real from Cypress Hill, A$AP  Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Young Dolph and more. He is also signed to the label run and founded by known cannabis aficionado, and rapper Wiz Khalifa. 

Aside from his acclaimed and successful music career, Berner is also one of the founders of Cookies SF, a clothing, art, fashion, and cannabis  brand closely affiliated with the world famous cannabis strains, Cookies. The original genetics for this cannabis flower that Berner helped to develop and cultivate was named ‘Girl Scout Cookies.’ It was a cross breed of the heavy indica OG Kush, and the pungent strong sativa called Durban Poison. It continues to thrive as  one of the  most sought after, and popular strains of cannabis in the world, among all connoisseurs and users for its potency. In some cases, it was shortened to the abbreviation, GSC.

 However, things got heated when some parents and members of the Girl Scouts of America became aware of the growing popularity of the cannabis strain in California dispensaries using their name. In 2017m these dispensaries were hit with a legal Cease and Desist letter, due to angry, concerned parents and members in Nevada.  From then on, the name of the strain was officially changed to just ‘Cookies.’Berner has literally grown from the bottom up, with humble beginnings and small garages, to now being co-founder of one of the most successful and recognizable cannabis strains and brands in the world. Cookies’ genetics are respected for flavor profiles high in terpenes,  and strong effects, as well as a pleasant, sweet aromatic taste.  Now,  among cannabis cultivators and users everywhere Cookies is known, and breeders and cultivators have bred their genetics with Cookies phenotypes to create many other respectable and high quality, potent cannabis strains like Thin Mints, Sunset Sherbert, Platinum Cookies, and the popular Sunset Sherbert.

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