Content: is the web page, but it also serves as a network that hosts the multimedia platform run by B-Real, from legendary hip hop group Cypress Hill.  It has studios that  run the operation out of Los Angeles. hosts daily and weekly podcasts,  videocasts and interviews as well as DJ’s performing special setlists. It is very fan interactive and is home to many podcasts such as B-Real’s Smokebox, and the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast. is also home to many live streams, and utilizes social media including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and Twitch.  On both the Dr. Greenthumb Podcast as well as  The Smokebox, B-Real features interviews and free forum conversations with many people involved in the cannabis culture  including musicians, cultivators, artists, activists, actors, comedians, other podcasters and cannabis entrepreneurs.  

On The Smokebox, B-Real has interviewed tons of noteworthy members of the cannabis community, including Mike Tyson, Snoop Dogg, Berner, Joe Rogan,  Raewon, Tommy Chong, Kevin Smith and so many others. also has links to important cannabis news, which highlights important news articles cannabis users and those in the cannabis industry should be aware of.  

The site also has product reviews for cannabis users who want to know the best about products such as strains, edibles, concentrates and accessories. There are also very important reviews, articles and links for cultivators and cannabis business owners. 

Since stoners are known to get the munchies, offers a section called High & Hungry, that emphasizes food, including the best reviews of stoner foods like cheeseburgers, pizza, burritos, donuts and more!

Another podcast through is called We Don’t Smoke The Same. It is hosted by 3 adults who were kids in the 90s and offers diverse and interesting facts, opinions and discussion about cannabis, current events, comedy, music, conspiracies and more, it is recorded out of the studios in Los Angeles.  We Don’t Smoke the Same Podcast is also available on Apple, Podcast One and Spotify. offers live shows,  that are often iltanueous broadcast  on various social media platforms like Instagram Live and Facebook Live, and also pre recorded programing with music and talk.  You can also view music videos from hip hop artists such as Cypress Hill, Berner, as well as get the latest updates on albums and tours on hip hop’s hottest, latest artists. is an excellent virtual, interactive meeting place for cannabis users, music fans and everyone who respects and appreciates the cannabis culture and lifestyle. Many of the shows and programs on the network are interactive and include fans chatting it up in live time, on various social media platforms. BReal.Tv has a strong social media presence, using Instagram live and Facebook live often, to simulcast their shows live, and to engage with and interact with the fans who are watching live and chatting, as the show happens  in live time.

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