B-Real is a rapper, cannabis activist, cannabis cultivator, music producer, actor and icon of the modern cannabis movement.  His real name is Louis Mario Freese. He was born in the  LA area in 1970, and is of Cuban descent.  Since 1991, he has been rapping with the iconic hip hop group Cypress Hill. In his teenage years, in his home town  of South Gate he was involved with gangs, and in 1988 he was shot and nearly killed, which led him to an escape from the violence of gang life. Though much of this lifestyle served as inspiration for the lyrics and music he wrote with Cypress Hill.

However, B-Real is known as a pioneering icon of the cannabis culture, and is often referred to in the same breath as Cheech and Chong, and Bob Marley. In the early 2000s, he joined the rap metal band Kush, with members of Fear Factory and Deftones.  Since 2013, B-Real has also been a member of the hip hop trio Serial Killers, with Xzibit, and Demrick. Aside from his work with Cypress Hill, B-Real also released two solo albums,  three mixtapes, and most notably was featured in the  now defunct rap rock supergroup, Prophets of Rage, which featured members of Rage Against the Machine and Public Enemy, between 2016 and 2019.

B-Real is also a member of hip hop group Psycho Realm and in his career has worked with or produced such diverse  artists as Mellow Man Ace,  Berner, Snoop Dogg, Hollywood Undead,  Fear Factory and more. He is an actor and has been featured in such films as Juice(1992), Blast From the Past(1998), McArthur Park(2001),  Guns Akimbo(2019).  His voice was also featured in The Rugrats Movie(1998). In 1996, he contributed to the soundtrack for the movie Space Jam. B-Real is also an acclaimed music producer, having worked in the studio with such groups as D12, and Proof; he has even done production work for the WWE.

 B-Real is  known for his brand of cannabis, and cannabis Dispensaries, Dr. GreenThumbs, with locations in San Francisco, as well as locations in Los Angeles,  Sylmar, Cathedral City, Sacramento  and La Mesa.

Although he was originally a full blown cultivator, B-Real now focuses on being a spokesperson and brand ambassador for Dr. Greenthumbs, which is also venturing into delivery services,  and entering the e-market place, which is a huge milestone for the legal cannabis industry. 

Since the mid 2000s, B-Real also runs, an interactive website where daily podcasts, shows and interactive programs happen daily featuring B-Real and many guest musicians, actors, activists, and more.  Highlight programs featured on include The SmokeBox and The Dr. Greenthumb Podcast which can be heard through the site and via social media. 

Just recently, it was announced that B-Real will be joining such other cannabis friendly artists such as Wiz Khalifa,  Berner, Redman and Snoop Dogg for the 2022 Smokers Olympic, in which rap’s biggest stoners will compete to see who can smoke the most.

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