Concentrates are a class of weed products that you can find at a dispensary. Concentrates are made by stripping away the plant material and leaving only the THC/CBD-rich resin behind. The remaining concentrated cannabis is extremely high in THC compared to smoking the plant on its own.

Concentrates are quite a bit more expensive, depending on the product. There are multiple types of concentrates which are produced using different processes.

Concentrates are valued based on: the quality of the original plant used, the strain of the original plant, the quality of the concentrate produced, the texture of the concentrate produced.

There are many ways of extracting the concentrated resin from the plant. Some of these ways use chemicals that strip away all but the THC and CBD. The resulting concentrate is called hash oil or just oil.

Other methods retain the terpenes as part of extracting, which gives a fuller, more effective high. These methods produce resin, rosin, sauce, diamonds, shatter, and other textures of concentrated resin.

One other type of concentrate is kief, which is the powdery pollen that the flowers drop. Collecting up this powder, which is rich in THC, creates a product called kief, which is often added to joints to increase the strength. See also hash.

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