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DNA Genetics is an award winning cannabis company and seed bank, renowned for its genetics around the world. It began when partners  in the cannabis scene, Dan and Aaron moved from California to Amerstdamn in 2003. Once there,  they founded DNA Genetics using the initials of their first name(DNA). The company began as a cannabis center and source for flowers, clones and seeds and is still a store and center for cannabis users, tourists and cultivators. DNA Genetics immediately began breeding various strains  of cannabis in one of the legal marketplaces at the time.

Since forming, and over the years,  the company has been responsible for bringing such award winning strains as LA Confidential(Indica), Martian Mean Green(Sativa), Chocolope, OG #18, Lemon Skunk. DNA Genetics  also won awards for their strains Kosher Kush, Holy Grail Kush and Tangie. 

The company has won many High Times Strain of the Year Awards and also has won cannabis competition awards in  the USA, Canada,  Jamaica, Spain and Slovakia among other international accolades.  Other strains DNA Genetics has bred include OG#18 Sharksbreath, Sour Kush and Cannalope Haze.

In 2015, DNA Genetics partnered with Canopy Growth in Canada, forming the subsidiary company Tweed.  In  October, 2018,  once the country legalized  medical and recreational cannabis, DNA Genetics’ flower was the first to be legally sold in Canada. 

By 2019 and into 2020 demand for DNA Genetics’ strains has been extremely high.This is around the time the company branched out to partner with several existing cannabis companies, to legally sell  products  such as seeds, clones,  flowers and more, in the legal cannabis market, but only in selected American states.

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