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Doja Pak  is a globally recognized weed brand, based in California,  founded by cannabis entrepreneur Ryan Bartholomew. It began to flourish during the late 90s around the time   when California’s Prop 215 allowed  for legal medical cannabis use, cultivation and sales in 1996. Then in 2016, California allowed for legal sales and use for adults over 21 with the voter approved, Prop 64. This allowed Djoa Pak to  then transition into the recreational  cannabis industry.

Doja Pak began in the Northern California area near Sacramento and Humboldt and soon began to dominate the market with some of the best cannabis genetics, with hunters for seeds and special cannabis phenotypes.  Djoa Pak’s initial cannabis cultivation operation began with a 12 light set up in a garage, but has exponentially grown today to have over 100 cultivation facilities, each in warehouses  with 1,000 lights, all located in the Humboldt County area of Northern California.

Doja Pak has teamed up with other cannabis companies like Darwin Farms, Archive Seeds, Wizard Trees and Deep East, among others like Alien Labs, Sherbinkskis and the famous Cookies.Doja Pak is known for its brand exotic, and potent strains. Some of which include heavy hitters like  Rainbow Sherbert #11Rainbow Belts,  Cherry Gelato, and the exclusive specialty  strain of cannabis flower, known as Bixcotti. One Doja Pak exclusive is called The Hindenburg. This hybrid is pungent and high in THC, and is a crossbreed between the strains Bixoctti and Helium.

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