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Dr. Dre (born Andre Young) is a Grammy winning rapper, producer,  billionaire, and hip hop mogul.  He is from Compton, California and is the CEO of Aftermath Entertainment, and BEATS ELectronics. He was  also once President of Death Row  Records. 

Since his days as a member of the gangster rap group N.W.A, Dr. Dre has always been a cannabis user and open smoker. In music videos, his music and songs are constantly inspired by and constantly referencing cannabis smoke. Weed and rap  music go together like Jesus and the Holy Bible.

Dr. Dre is probably known for the smash hit  debut album from the early 1990s, The Chronic. Not only did it introduce the masses to an emerging rapper named Snoop Doggy Dogg, but it also ushered in an entire culture of weed smoking and open cannabis use, promotion, cultivation and sales, this culture and lifestyle in those days was not legal, and often frowned upon by law enforcement, parents and religious leaders/politicians. 

The Chronic was so influential, in music and in the cannabis world that it  was and to some still is part of the nomenclature. The term ‘Chronic’ refers to any bright green, sticky, potent buds that smell good, have a skunky sweet taste and give users a heavy feeling of euphoria.  Much of the cannabis during this time was provided by and cultivated by Wonderbrett.

Dr. Dre’s musical career includes his work with N.W.A. but he also  has three full length studio albums, including The Chronic(1992), 2001(1999) and Compton(2015). But as a musical guest, and/or producer he has worked with hundreds of artists and is credited with launching the careers of both Snoop Dogg, and  of Eminem, and many rappers often cite his influence. Dr. Dre has also ventured into acting and directing, and along with Ice Cube was a producer of the 2015 biopic about N.W.A, Straight Outta Compton.

In 2018, Canadian Cannabis company Canopy Growth had to cancel an initial trademark filing it applied for, to use the term. ‘Chronic by Dre,’ a clear and direct reference to the 1992 album by Dr. Dre.  This was done without the legal permission of Dr. Dre. The company withdrew its application and even apologized to the rapper. He also faced  more controversy  in 2018, over his involvement in the THC vape Oil concentrate company Brass Knuckles, along with Xzibit. He was involved in a lawsuit against the company, with other plaintiffs, according to TMZ.

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