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Dr. Greenthumb





Dr. Greenthumb is the alter ego cannabis cultivator of Cypress Hill rapper B-Real. It is also the name of the hit song from the group’s 1998 album, IV. The song became a hit for cannabis consumers, cultivators, stoners and connousoers everywhere, an anthem for growing the plant, back in the days when it was still very much illegal. The track was produced by DJ Muggs and even had a hit music video, which showcased the song’s tale of a marijuana farmer just trying to help people by growing the plant but who has to evade the corrupt  police helicopters,  from busting his operation and  illegally stealing his crops.

Dr. Greenthumb became an anthem for the cannabis culture, and led to the eventual branding of Dr. Greenthumb as  a chain of legal dispensaries in California. To date, Dr. GreenThumb’s Dispensaries have locations in San Francisco, as well as locations in Los Angeles,  Sylmar, Cathedral City, Sacramento  and La Mesa.

 But, Dr. Greenthumb is more than just a line of dispensaries. DGT World wide is the vertically integrated company that supports the philosophy and ethos of Dr. Greenthumb. Founded in 2018, it offers top of the line highest quality cannabis products, and is its own brand of all things cannabis, whether merchandise, marketing, personalities, social media, and finances, you name it, the company will cover literally any aspect of the cannabis industry. Despite the pandemic, the company shows no signs of slowing down, and is expanding, with hopes to venture into more legal cannabis states, and eventually at the national level once cannabis is legalized Federally. The sky is the limit for this cannabis conglomerate where cannabis merges with sports, music, entertainment and media.

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