An edible is a food item that contains THC or CBD. Edibles are a way to intake cannabis for medicinal purposes without smoking it. Edibles are considered a safe alternative to smoking. Edibles are made by first extracting the resin from the bud of the cannabis plant and then using the extraction in your cooking. Depending on how you do the extraction, you might have little or no weed taste.

The cannabis resin cannot dissolve into water, so it doesn’t mix easily into a lot of food. However, it can be extracted by infusing it into a fat or oil. To make baked goods, for example, bakers will usually cook the ground up bud in butter or oil for a while to infuse the fat with the cannabis. Then the material is strained out, leaving pure butter or oil that is then used in baking.

Although it doesn’t dissolve into water easily, new techniques have allowed drinkables, which are drinks infused with cannabis. 

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