Eric Bobo


Eric Bobo





Eric Bobo  is a renowned  percussionist. He has worked with the BEastie Boys in the 90s and  With Cypress Hill as well, joining the group for touring and even recordings, since 1993. He was born in 1968 to LAtin JAzz musician Willie Bobo.

With the Beastie Boys, Bobo worked as  a live percussionist and also was featured on the classic albums,  Hello Nasty and Ill Communication.During this time, he split his work with both Cypress Hill and The Beastie Boys.

With the cannabis hip hop group Cypress Hill, Eric Bobo has been featured on every album, since the 1995 release, III: Temples of Boom, where he played the Conga drums. Bobo is a lifelong musician, and a fan and player of Latin Jazz like his father, but also of heavy metal and hard rock music.

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