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Fidel’s Genetics is  a cannabis genetic specialty seed bank and cannabis company founded by Shawn Damirdjian, aka Fidel Hydro. He has been a cannabis cultivator and into horticulture for over a decade. He is known for clean, safe and innovative cultivation practices and for producing high yield cannabis plants. 

Fidel’s Genetics is best known for the cannabis strain, which is a hybrid  called Runtz. The company also has developed strains like Fidel’s Mac 1, Fidel’s Papata, Tropical Cookies and Animal Mintz. 

Fidel began working at SCB Hydroponics, a store in Los Angeles, where he studied and perfected the craft of developing high quality cannabis genetics, and learned the best, most efficient growing practices.  He has built a strong following and is known for his very potent and high THC strains of cannabis. This work in the cannabis cultivation industry has also led him to collaborate with Cookies, and other cannabis companies. 

Fidel worked his way up, starting with just 2 employees at a warehouse, to now operating Commercial Grow Supply, known as the Costco of Hydroponics stores, they provide the cannabis community Southern California with everything they need to begin from seeds to equipment and nutrients.  It is located in Santa Clarita, California, just north of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

You can purchase seeds online, but only using cryptocurrency.  Packs come with 12 seeds for $150, with the following exclusive  strain of cannabis genetics available from Fidels: Garlic Grapes, Peach Pound Cake, Peaches N Kush, Peach Tart and Tropicana Grape Cake. 

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