The quality and effect of weed is based on its genetics. Each cannabis strain has a unique set of characteristics that impact the quality and effect of the bud it produces.

A strain is defined by its genetic lineage. Two strains might be combined to create a unique, new strain with original genetics.

The technical term in the field of genetics for a weed strain is a genotype. The different types of plants (physical expressions) that can come from parent strains are called phenotypes.

A genotype is a type of a cannabis plant; a phenotype is a type of a genotype. A phenotype may have the same parent genetics, but all may present different physical appearances, smells, tastes, potency, and effects.

For example, the strain Gelato is a genotype of a cannabis plant; Gelato #25, Gelato #33, and Gelato #41 are all Gelato phenotypes.

In cannabis, people spend years and decades collecting and cultivating genetics, preserving them in the form of seeds.

Cultivating cannabis can involve different processes of combining plant genetics.

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