A cannabis grinder is used to break down the dense, sticky cannabis bud flower to prepare it to be smoked.

Grinders for cannabis are either metal or plastic.

Simple grinders have one single compartment filled with sharp teeth that grinds the weed and leaves it in place. Better grinders will have an upper compartment where the bud is loaded between sharp teeth and a lower chamber where the ground plant material collects.

To grind, the top chamber is packed with chunks of bud, and a lid is pressed on top. The user twists the lid back and forth so that the teeth inside shred the plant material. As it works, the ground material falls through holes down into the lower chamber. The twisting action continues until the upper chamber has been emptied. The instrument is unscrewed to reveal the lower chamber, from which the ground material is retrieved.

Some grinders have a third, lower chamber to collect kief.

Cannabis grinders can be purchased at a smoke shop.

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