Grizzly Peak







Grizzly Peak is a vertically integrated cannabis company based out of both Oakland, and San Diego, California. They are known for being 100%pesticide free in their growing, with a high standard in regard to its cannabis flowers being  potent, fresh and free of any harmful pesticides.

The company was launched legally in 2017, and its growers have a combined three decades worth of experience and knowledge in horticulture and cannabis cultivation. Grizzly peak focuses on the highest quality genetics and along with its seed bank, and state of the art indoor grow facility, the company produces cannabis for both recreational amd medical users. Grizzly Peak offers nearly 40 strains of cannabis flowers, sold in 3.5 or 5 gram portions. Single pre-rolls, as well as packs of pre rolls are also available.  The 3.5 gram jars are typically eighth of an ounce portions of dense big nugs, while the 5 grams bags are smaller  sugar capped nugs known as Cub Nugs and are sold at a very affordable price.One special strain comes from Grizzly Peak’s collaboration with a longtime member of The Grateful Dead  family of ‘Dead Heads,’ Steve Parish. This custom exclusive strain of cannabis flowers is known as Big Steve’s OG. It is a very potent high THC indica,  which is a crossbreed of the legendary strains SFV OG and FIRE OG.  Currently, Grizzly Peak only offers their products in legal cannabis retail outlets throughout Southern California.

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