Hollyweed is a nickname for Los Angeles or California as a whole. It is a combination of the word Hollywood and weed, and it implies that Hollywood or California generally is a place where weed is prevalent.

In 1976, to celebrate the partial decriminalization of cannabis in California, the Hollywood sign was vandalized to read Hollyweed by using tarps to make the two uppercase O’s look like two lowercase e’s.

Again in 2017, to celebrate the legalization of recreational weed in California, artist Zach Fernandez replicated the prank and made the Hollywood sign read Hollyweed.

Fernandez went on to create a CBD weed brand called Hollyweed.

For many years, there was a dispensary in Los Angeles called Hollyweed. It shuttered in 2020.

Visit Hollyweed is a news and information website about weed in California. Visit Hollyweed‘s logo references the two iconic sign pranks from 1976 and 2017.

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