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Ice Cube (born O’shea Jackson) is an  acclaimed rapper, actor and member of  the gangster rap supergroup N.W.A. He is known as an  icon of stoner films with the hit smash movie Friday(1995), and its sequels. He has also appeared in dozens of other films over the years including Boyz n The Hood (1991), Anaconda (1997) Barbershop (2002) 21 Jump Street (2012),   Ride Along (2014), and the biopic film about N.W.A, Straight Outta Compton (2015). Cube has also appeared on numerous television programs such as The Sinbad Show, The Bernie Mac Show and Wrestlemania 21.

As a solo artist Cube has released ten full length studio albums, since 1990. His most recent release  was Everthang’s Corrupt, from 2018. But his most acclaimed work, and what many consider his best albums are  his first four, Amerikkka’s Most Wanted (1990), Death Certificate (1991), The Predator (1992) and Lethal Injection (1993). His lyrics and music focus on the  reality of life on the streets with violence at the hands of both gangs and police, and surviving the harsh realities of urban life in Los Angeles. Topics often included police brutality, drug sales, gang culture and violence. 

Cube’s status as a stoner celebrity due to his known use, and his role in the movie Friday, might actually help his new cannabis brand, which he launched in 2021, with the partnership between the world famous infused cannabis company, Caviar Gold, which uses a very secretive  patented  method to infuse their cannabis. According to the website CAviar Gold is the ONLY true infused cannabis flower. “All others are just imitators. We put 95% pure liquid THC “inside” the bud to make it stronger, it is not dipped or sprayed! Our buds have more THC, and less AIR – that’s the motto at Caviar Gold. All Caviar products are state tested at over 40-50% THC.“ In April, 2021, Ice Cube’s strains were introduced at the Los Angeles dispensary Herbarium, and they were such a hit they sold out quickly.  Ice Cube’s strain is called ‘Fryday Kush,’ which is an ode to his movie of the same name. The strain is said to be Indica dominant, and  helps with relaxation and stress relief. It is pungent and very aromatic and sweet tasting, and heavy hitting.  Another related strain is called Good Day Kush, which was formulated by Cavi Mike of Caviar Gold.  This strain is Sativa-dominant  and will produce effects that increase creativity and  give a strong sense of mental euphoria. Both strains are at a very high 46% THC and around 9 % CBD. They   are  available in eighths and pre-rolls, at Herbarium while supplies last at Herbarium, but other Caviar Gold products can be found here.

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